Glamping Stretch Tent
Glamping Stretch Tent

Yards Tent’s game-changing triple-layer roofing system is expertly designed to keep you chill in hot sunny spots. An integrated blackout mesh layer provides up to 90% UV ray protection while maintaining an airy, bright interior.

The high-density polyethylene material is tightly woven and reinforced for max durability against rough weather. Strategically placed above the waterproof canvas roof, the mesh shade acts as extra protection to reduce noise from raindrops and boost wind resistance.

This revolutionary roofing tech allows stable indoor temps through enhanced airflow. The lifted design also extends the lifespan of the waterproof canvas by protecting it from direct sunlight and wear.

  • - Cooling Living - The three-layer roof creates two layers of air distance to ensure comfy indoor temps.
  • - Natural Look - The shade net blends nicely into the surroundings.
  • - Long Lifespan - The outer shade mesh protects the stretch tent roof, extending its lifespan by years depending on location.
  • - Weather Protection - The shade net mesh greatly reduces raindrop sounds and provides extra wind resistance.

Offering the perfect balance of climate control, sun protection and strength, our state-of-the-art stretch tents integrate smoothly into nature. Their cooling abilities and weather resistance allow for a supreme glamping experience even in challenging conditions.

Elevate your hospitality game with the most advanced and comfy stretch tents around. Yards Tent’s products redefine glamping in hot areas.

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