Glamping Stretch Tent - GR Series

The G36, with a total surface area of 36㎡ , can be used as a multi-purpose room for a glamping resort or hotel. Its 24㎡ interior space without any poles allow the glamping business owner to deploy either a king size bed as a deluxe single room or to arrange 2 beds for 2~4 people as a hotel twin room.

Specifications and Tech Data
13 x 16m
Tent size
10 x 7m
Interior dimensions
4 x 4m
Exterior height (top height)
Internal height (top/side height)
Wind resistance rating
Level 9
Suitable temperature conditions
Roof loading
Service life
10 years
Materials of construction
Pineapple lattice embalmed wood
Structural pipe diameter
Connection material
Anti-rust steel
Connection method
Self-tapping screws
Flysheet materials
750g-PVC coated cloth
Flysheet color
Khaki (available in multiple colors)
Flysheet performance
Tear resistant, flame retardant, UV resistant, anti-corrosion
Fixed method
Aluminum pressing strip • pull cord
Inner account materials
370g - Oxford cloth
Inner tent color
Beige (available in multiple colors)
Inner Stack Performance
Flame retardant • anti-UV • anti-mildew and antibacterial
Fixed method
Casing & Straps
Inner tent and ground connection treatment
Wood pressing strip & Waterproof glue
Main entrance size/quantity
2.1 x 1.5m*2
Main entrance size/quantity
2.1 x 0.9m*1
Main entrance material
Oxford cloth
Open with
Zipper, Velcro
Anti-mosquito sand curtain
Window materials
Oxford cloth
Door top window size/quantity
2.8 x 0.5m*2
Window size/quantity
1.6m x 1.5m*4
Window cover material (outside)
Transparent PVC
Window cover material (inside)
Oxford cloth
Anti-mosquito sand curtain
Platform Parameters
Platform dimensions
4.7 x 7.2m
Platform structure
Galvanized steel
Structural dimensions
100 x 80 x 4mm
Connection method
Welding (boltable)
Platform shelves
Imported - Pinus sylvestris
Shelf specifications
4000 x 100 x 25mm
Hardcover wooden floor (indoor)
1210 x 183 x 12mm
Bathroom Parameters(optional)
Overall dimensions of the bathroom
2.6 x 1.5m
Wall thickness
Wall finishes (interior)
15mm solid wood panels
Ambient lighting (indoor)
Wall - above
Wall finish (Weinai)
4mm aluminum plate
Ceiling finish (Weinai)
4mm aluminum plate
Guard material
Solid wood doors
Bathroom dimensions
0.9 x 0.9m
Bathroom floor
Bathroom partition
Toughened glass
Bathroom facilities
Handwashing station & mirror & toilet & shower
Toilet facilities
Water and electricity systems & Lighting systems & Exhaust systems
Funiture Parameters(optional)
Furniture Materials
Solid wood furniture
Furniture level
4 star standard
Bed size (including mattress)/number
180 x 200cm*1
Bed cabinet size/quantity
40 x 40cm*2
Wardrobe size/quantity
80 x 50 x 200cm*1
Pantry size/quantity
80 x 50 x150cm*1
Chairs size/number
65 x 60cm*1
Round table size/quantity
Table size/quantity
140 x 70cm*1
Dining chair size/number
65 x 50cm*4
Outdoor chairs/quantity
65 x 50cm*2
Air conditioning specifications
Hanging type-2P
Refrigerator specifications
50 x 50 x 53cm
Dimensions & Layout Of GR Series - GR36

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*All dimensions are in cm, 1 cm= 0.3937 in, 2.54 cm = 1 in.

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