Classic Safari Tent - B Series
Classic and Popular Safari Tents

The Classic Safari Tent - B Series, comes from the classic Wall Tent. After improvements and upgrades, a large veranda in front, solid wood frame, high-strength PVC roof, and high-quality canvas side walls create a spacious and flexible space and make this luxury safari tent series. It is also currently one of our best-selling safari tents.

After feedback from the market and completed projects, we have further improved and optimized the classic style safari tent(B40) and introduced our two new products – Compact Style (B32), Family Style with Attic or Mezzanine(B45) and Two-story Safari Tent(BGL45).

The above luxury safari tents can withstand most kinds of bad weather in different terrains and natural environments, roof fabric waterproof 8000mm, lightfastness 7 (blue wool). You can easily equip these luxury safari tents with a kitchenette (B45), bathroom, TV, and hotel standard furniture, and facilities. All of these make the luxury safari tent no longer a simple shelter, but a luxurious space to enjoy life.

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