Glamping Safari Tent - S Series
Specially designed for glamping. The best for luxury suite/studio.

This Glamping Safari Tent (S-Series) is specially designed for glamping. The Glamping Safari Tent is very suitable for decoration in a luxury suite/studio. The square appearance makes this tent look elegant and dignified, in addition to the full range of kitchens and bathrooms, its bedroom space is very spacious and easily creates a luxurious living place. Whether you are an individual, a couple, or a family, you can enjoy a luxurious, comfortable glamping living experience.

Based on customer feedback, we have launched two products in this series. The SX49 – Deluxe Glamping Safari Tent for Family/Studio, uses glass walls and doors as the side walls and doors, and the veranda in front of the tent allows you to take a leisurely nap and drink.

The S36 – Exquisite Glamping Safari Tent, has the same square shape as the Sx49, but we reduced the footprint, eliminated the small balcony, and replaced the glass walls and doors with canvas. This design greatly reduces the price of the S36, making it a more affordable product.

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